Proceedings of the
5th International Seminar on
ORC Power Systems
9 - 11 September 2019, Athens Greece
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Determining the Heat Transfer Characteristics of R125 at Supercritical Pressures

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Session: Poster session and Ouzo tasting in room Kallirhoe
Room: ---
Session start: 17:20 Mon 09 Sep 2019

Marija Lazova

Steven Lecompte

Michael de Paepe

Topics: - Experimental activities and techniques (Topics), - Heat Exchangers (Topics), - Oral Presentation (Preferred Presentation type), - Poster Presentation (Preferred Presentation type)


Heat exchangers are components of high importance for the proper operation of the organic Rankine cycles (ORC’s). Furthermore, the efficiency of the trans-critical ORC’s can be improved by acquiring supercritical heat transfer in the heat exchanger at the hot side. However, heat transfer correlations for designing heat exchangers suitable to operate under these conditions are lacking. Therefore, heat transfer experiments at supercritical state of the working fluid R125 were conducted on the novel test set-up. The test section is a tube-in-tube heat exchanger with a diameter of the inner tube of 28.6mm and is horizontally positioned. Experiments were conducted at various mass fluxes and the pressure was in the range of 1.05