5th International Seminar on
ORC Power Systems
Athens Greece

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As in the previous edition of the ORC conference we have also this year the prestigious "Prof. Gianfranco Angelino Award" for the Best Poster presentation and "Best Paper Award". 

Best Paper Award
The winners of the best paper award are:
Design and First Operation of an Advanced ORC-CHP Architecture 
Sebastian Eyerer, Fabian Dawo, Maximilian Altnöder, Roland Windhager, Anne Niederdränk, Helge Esch, Stefan Ausfelder, Robin Konrad, Michael Höger, Christoph Wieland and Hartmut Spliethoff

Prof. Gianfranco Angelino award
The winners of the Prof. Gianfranco Angelino award are:
Determining the heat transfer characteristics of R125 at supercritical pressures
Marija Lazova, Steven Lecompte and Michel De Paepe