5th International Seminar on
ORC Power Systems
Athens Greece

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Session: Session 1A: Turbines-Design Aspects (1)

30 Partial Admission Effect on the Flow Field of an ORC Tesla Turbine
14 Comparison of a scroll, a screw, a roots, a Piston Expander and a Tesla Turbine for Small-scale Organic Rankine Cycle
9 Customized Small-scale ORC Turbogenerators– Combining a 1D-design Tool, a Micro-turbine-generator–construction Kit and Potentials of 3D-printing

Session: Session 1B: Working fluids
82 Performance Prediction and Design Optimization of a kW-size Reciprocating Piston Expander Working with Low-GWP Fluids

Session: Session 1C: CHP's Multi Generation
11 Combining an Organic Rankine Cycle and a Heat Pump Cycle in a Test Plant for Reversible Storage of Energy
61 Absorption Power Cycle with Libr Solution Working Fluid – Design of the First Proof of Concept

Session: Session 1D: Hybrid systems
37 Off-design Analysis of Organic Rankine Cycle Integrated with Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell
59 Assessing Fuel Consumption Reduction of Revercycle a Reversible Mobile Air Conditioning/ Organic Rankine Cycle System
15 Exergetic Efficiency of the Ejector Operating Across Ambient Temperature in a Combined Power and Ejector-refrigeration Cycle

Session: Session 2A: Turbines-Design aspects (2)
28 Geometry and Performance Assessment of Tesla Turbines for ORC
101 Application of a Heat Resistant Plastic in a High-speed microturbine Designed for the Domestic ORC System
70 Efficiency Correlations for off-design Performance Prediction of ORC Axial-flow Turbines

Session: Session 2B: Working Fluids - Mixtures
91 An Improved Method for the Investigation of Thermal Stability of Organic Fluids
168 Ultra-low GWP Refrigerant Mixtures as Working Fluids in ORC for Waste Heat Recovery
150 Potential of Zeotropic Mixtures as Working Fluids in Partial Evaporating Organic Rankine Cycles (PEORC) for Low Temperature Heat Recovery
46 Experimental Comparative Study of an ORC Using Pure Fluid and Zeotropic Mixture for Waste Heat Recovery

Session: Session 2C: Experimental prototypes (1)
12 Set-up and Pilot Operation of an In-house Developed Biomass ORC μCHP in the Czech Republic
51 Experimental Investigation on Start-up Performance of a 315kW Organic Rankine Cycle System

Session: Session 2D: Waste heat (1)
171 Performance Analysis of an Organic Rankine Cycle for Integration in a Carnot Battery
116 Thermodynamic and Thermo Economic Analysis of Organic Rankine Cycle with Multi-objective Optimization for Working Fluid Selection with Low- Temperature Waste Sources in the Indian Industry

Session: Session 3A: Turbine Nozzles Simulations
105 Analysis of Transonic Nozzle Loss Generation in Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) Turbines

Session: Session 3B: CO2 Cycles
90 Test on a CO2-based Transcritical Power Cycle (CTPC) under Various ENGIEN Conditions
108 Thermo-economic Comparison of Organic Rankine and CO2 Cycle Systems for Low-to-medium Temperature Applications

Session: Poster session and Ouzo tasting in room Kallirhoe
23 Potential and Cost Effectiveness of a Reversible High-temperature Heat Pump/ORC Unit for the Exploitation of Industrial Waste Heat
204 Experimental Results of a Carnot Battery Consisting of an ORC and a High Temperature Latent Heat Thermal Storage
43 Design of an Experimental ORC Expander Setup Using Natural Working Fluids
10 ORC Integrated into Engine for Simplified Direct Waste Heat Recovery from Cooling and Flue Gas – System Considerations
223 Field monitoring results of an ORC system integrated in a steel mill

Session: Session 4A: Volumetric Expanders (1)
40 Experimental Analysis of a Commercial Twin Screw Compressor Employed as an Expander

Session: Session 4B: System design (1)
173 Design of ORC Systems under Variable Input Parameters: a Multi-scenario Approach

Session: Session 4D: Apps and Energy sources
134 Solar Thermal Energy Driven Organic Rankine Cycle Systems for Electricity and Fresh Water Generation

Session: Session 5A: Turbines-Design & flow simulations
31 Three-dimensional Unsteady Stator-rotor Interactions in a High Expansion ORC Turbine
155 Performance of a Small-scale Organic Rankine Cycle System Using a Regenerative Flow turbine: a Simulation Analysis

Session: Session 5B: System design (2)
164 Robust Optimization of an Organic Rankine Cycle for Geothermal Application
63 Working Fluid Distribution of a 315 kW Organic Rankine Cycle System in the off-design Conditions

Session: Session 5C: Waste Heat - ICEs
212 Research on Transient Response Character Analysis of ORC Waste Heat Recovery System for Marine Diesel Engine

Session: Session 5D: Heat Exchangers (1)
147 Evaluation of Heat Transfer Correlations for Flow Condensation in Plate Heat Exchangers and their Impact on the Design of Organic Rankine Cycle Systems

Session: Session 6A: Novel/advanced architectures (1)
208 Flexibility and Economic Dispatch of Island Power Systems with Integrated Thermal Energy Storage in Smart Grids
217 Mapping of Performance of Pumped Thermal Energy Storage (Carnot battery) Using Waste Heat Recovery
65 Experimental Results of a Waste Heat Recovery System with Ethanol Using Exhaust Gases of a Light-duty Engine

Session: Session 6B: System Design - Cycle configurations
113 A Comparison between Cascaded and Single-stage ORC Systems Taken from the Component Perspective
169 Enhanced Cascade Cycle

Session: Session 6D: Supercritical-Transcritical Cycles
124 The Dynamic Performance and Control Strategy of a CO2 Transcritical Cycle for Waste Heat Recovery of Internal Combustion Engine
184 The Role of Operational Variability on the Non-ideal Flow in Supersonic Turbines for Supercritical Organic Rankine Cycles

Session: Session 7A: Novel/advanced architectures (2)
117 Extensive Techno-economic Assessment of ORC and Inverted Brayton Cycle Combined for High-temperature Waste Recovery
161 Potential of a Regenerative Transcritical Series Two Stage Organic Rankine Cycle for Dual Source Waste Heat Recovery
132 Model, Simulation and Experiments for a Buoyancy Organic Rankine Cycle

Session: Session 7B: System Design - Operating Parameters
152 Operating Characteristics of Working Fluid Pump in a 315 kW Organic Rankine Cycle System

Session: Session 7D: Simulation methods & control
73 Non-linear State Estimator for Advanced Control of an ORC Test Rig for Geothermal Application