5th International Seminar on
ORC Power Systems
Athens Greece

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By Flight
The Athens International Airport is a major international hub for Southeastern Europe and all major international and budget airlines operate this route. Grecian airlines like Aegean Airlines, Astra Airlines, Olympic Air, and Sky Express ferry tourists and residents to all Greek islands that have an airport. International airlines like Air France, Lufthansa, Emirates, Qatar Airways, Finnair, KLM, British Airways, Swiss Air, Air China, Turkish Airlines and many more offer connectivity to Athens from major cities across Europe and the world. 
Nearest Airport: The Athens International Airport is located in Spata at a distance of 27 km from Athens city.

By Bus
Athens has two bus terminals, A and B, located at Kifissou Street and Liossion Street respectively from where long distance buses can be boarded to cities across Greece. The Athens Central Bus Station has the KTEL Attika buses that cover the larger Athenian suburban region and are a reliable way to get to places like Marathon, Oropos, Lavrion, Sounion, and Rafina. In theory, Athens can be reached from other cities in Europe as it is accessible by land but the journeys would be extremely long with many bus and route changes as one would traverse through many countries' road networks, depending on your choice of embarkation. 
Journey Suggestion: The road network in Greece is planned with ten major routes that criss-cross across the country with many auxiliary roads connecting smaller towns and villages. The numbering of the highways was conceptualized as odd numbers reflecting north-south routes, and even numbers for east-west routes. However, there are many exceptions to this rule and one must be careful while self-driving on Greece's roads. The condition of roads is generally good and since 2000 has been majorly overhauled and improved.
By Train
Athens Railway Station or Larissa Station is the city's main rail hub and connects to the metro, the suburban train line and long distance destinations in Greece. It serves North and Central Greece where Thessaloniki and Larissa are the major stations and goes southwards along the older line of Piraeus to Platy, Thessaloniki, Greece's second-largest city. Athens is connected by rail to major cities in the neighboring Eastern European countries like Belgrade, Istanbul, Budapest, Sofia, Bucharest etc.
Source: https://www.yatra.com/international-tourism/athens/how-to-reach